When will my asset be reviewed?


  • My asset has been pending review for a while.
  • I have not heard back from the Asset Review Team about my asset.


The Review Team do get quite a bit of back log because of the sheer number of assets submitted. They will work as fast as they can to get through all of the reviews, but there may be a longer wait time than there has been previously.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


Currently assets are taking up to 14 days to clear the review process.

If your asset is showing as "Pending", then it is still waiting to be reviewed. We ask that you be patient and we will send you an e-mail when the asset is Approved or declined.

If your asset has been pending for more than 14 days, please contact Support here with the full name of your asset and we will ask the Review Team for more information on your case.

More Information

Please see the Submission Guidelines for more information.


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