I have not received an e-mail with my serial number


  • I have purchased a license, but I do not have the serial number.


When you purchase a license from the online store, you will receive an order confirmation email, which contains your serial key(s), along with the original PDF invoice, the details of the order in an .xls spreadsheet and download instructions.


If you have not received your order confirmation email this could be due to the following reasons:

  • The order confirmation email has been sent to your spam folder instead of your inbox folder
  • The order confirmation email has not been sent immediately and takes a while for the system to process the payment
  • There may be a temporary problem with our mailing server
  • Your credit card has reached its maximum credit limit and has declined the payment. Sometimes, the amount is held before the transaction is confirmed. This means that the money is essentially in a kind of limbo state.

First, please check your spam folder in case the order confirmation has accidentally been sent here instead of your inbox folder.

If you have not received your order confirmation at all, you will need to contact Support. Please provide the support team with as many of the following details as you can:

  • First and Last Names of the customer who entered the order
  • Email Address for the account the product was purchased on
  • Transaction value in USD or EUR
  • Product Purchase Description - the type of license you purchased
  • Authorization Date/Time of purchase as shown on your bank statement

Contact support here

More Information

For more information on receiving confirmation emails then see this article here


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