How do I learn how to use Unity?


  • I have just started using Unity
  • I would like to learn some of the basic skills to get me started


You are new to Unity. You could be:

  • A student wanting to learn how to use it for a class
  • Simply looking for tutorials to help learn how to use certain aspects of the software


You can visit the official Unity Learn section of our website to find tutorials on many different areas of the Unity Engine.

We also offer Unity Certification with Courseware materials to help new learners. More information on that can be found here. There are articles with further information here.

You can also visit our Unity Community portal. Our community is made up of over 2 million users. Many of our users use our Forums and Answers pages daily to solve any problems they may be having, and to help others who may have the same problems. The benefit of using our Community is that you receive more than one perspective of what may be the correct solution.
Our technical specialists also patrol our Forums searching for questions to answer. This way, the answers are accessible to more than one person, and can help those who have the same questions that you have.

More Information

For tutorials and example projects, you may also find the following external resources helpful:


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