Where can I pay the outstanding balance of my subscription?


  • My subscription has been suspended due to unpaid monthly payments.
  • I would like to regain access to my subscription
  • I cannot use my subscription
  • When I log into my Unity ID, I see a warning message telling me to update my payment method.


Subscriptions can be deactivated for a variety of reasons:

  • Your payment instrument has expired
  • You are using a non-recurring payment method
  • Your payment was declined by the credit card issuer/ bank.
  • There are not enough funds available on your credit card
  • There is a problem with a card attached to your PayPal wallet.
  • Our Finance Team have reason to suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card

If a monthly payment of a subscription is not paid on time, the license will be suspended. You will not be able to use the subscription License, or purchase add-ons, while there are outstanding payments on your account.


If your Unity subscription license has been suspended due to outstanding monthly payments, you must pay the total amount left outstanding on your subscription before you can use it again.

Because subscriptions cannot be paused, all monthly payments that have been missed will be taken once your payment details are updated. This is only applicable to those still within a 12-month commitment period. 

To update your subscription payment method, see the steps in the article here.

All Plus and Pro subscriptions that completed the 12-month commitment period will expire if payment is not made within the next 14 days after the due date. Subscriptions cannot be reactivated once expired.

Once your subscription has expired, you will need to purchase a new one and begin the 12-month commitment period.

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