Where can I pay the outstanding balance of my subscription?


  • My subscription has been deactivated due to unpaid monthly payments.
  • I would like to regain access to my subscription


If your Unity Pro license has been deactivated due to unpaid monthly payments, you must pay the total amount left outstanding on your subscription before you can use it again.

Subscriptions can be deactivated for a variety of reasons:

  • Your credit card has expired
  • Your payment was declined by the credit card issuer
  • There are not enough funds available on your credit card
  • The finance team have reason to suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card

If a monthly payment of a subscription is not paid on time, then the Unity Pro license will be deactivated 21 days after the payment due date. You will not be able to use the Subscription License, or purchase add-ons, while there are outstanding payments.

If more than 42 days have passed since the due date of the unpaid payment and there is not a valid credit card in your customer account, then your customer account will be closed and collection of for the full remaining commitment period will be handled by an independent Collection Agency.


The following ways to pay your outstanding balance are as follows:

  • If your credit card has expired or the details were entered incorrectly, you must correct and/or update your billing and credit card information via your account within 42 days of the original due date, then the new credit card will immediately be charged for the total amount still owing and the Unity Pro license reactivated.
  • If your case has already been taken to Finance Collection, we cannot retrieve it. All further payments will be handled by them. The independent Collection Agency that deals with our outstanding payments is ESP. If you need to discuss your payment details with the agency, contact them at 

More Information

The Subscription Terms and Conditions and the End User License Agreement is found here

For more information on updating your billing details then see this article here


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