Can I use assets from the Asset Store in my commercial game?


  • I have bought an Asset from the Asset Store.
  • I would like to know if I can use it in a game I am going to sell
  • I would like to use Unity's free Assets/ the Unity Standard Assets in my game


You can purchase assets from the Asset Store and use them personally and commercially in your game.

Downloading assets can be useful since it can save time on creating art for the game.

You may use the majority of assets from the Unity Store in other engines without limitation. Please take some time to look at our terms documentation for further details on limitations of usage. This is found here.


Once you have purchased an asset from the store, it becomes yours to do with as you like within your games and apps. You will be able to use them in your game for commercial use with no extra payments.

You can also use free assets in your game for commercial use. Using selected (non-restricted) Unity assets is fine, though be aware that many developers use Unity to create their games and most are aware of the assets we provide.

Unity "Restricted Assets" are subject to restrictions that others are not. These are only valid for personal and non-commercial use only. No other use is permitted, and these Unity assets must not be used in your commercial games.

You cannot duplicate an asset, or include it in an asset-type product.

More Information

You can download Unity's Standard Assets here.

For more information on making a commercial game, please see the following article here.

Note:  A very small number of assets have some restrictions on use, most notably the “ADAM” assets published by Unity Technologies.

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    But how would you know if an asset is restricted or not?

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    Hi Ayub,

    As a general rule, assets created by Unity specifically are for Educational purposes only. This means the assets provided on the store by Unity should not be used commericially and are, therefore, restricted.

    Assets submitted to the store by an individual publisher can, however, be used commerically in line with our Asset Store End User License Agreement:


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    What about Unity's Post Processing Stack v2 / v1 ( and small assets like Unity's Lens Flares ( Can they be used freely on a commercial game an Indie developer makes when using Unity Personal Edition?

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    chad franklin

    Hello, I see the answer mentions that certain assets may not be used commercially such as the "ADAM" assets. Does this apply for everything in the "ADAM" demo such as character and clothing shaders as I have modified some of them to my needs, or does it only apply to the obvious things such as the characters themselves? Thank you.

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    Hi Chad,

    This would include everything within the package. If we ever allow users to use specific assets within these demos, we would advise this within the licensing agreement for any packages we release.

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    chad franklin

    Hi Maru, thanks for your answer. But this begs the question that RendCycle asked above. Which asset does that rule not apply for? Can we use the post-processing stack? Thank you for your time. Please let us know if this is explained anywhere in depth.

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    Good Choice

    Hi Team, 

    I  want to use use  3D Game Kit  and 2D Game Kit addons in my comercial games . I'm use a personal option of Unity.. so Can I use these great  packages in my commercial games or it's restricted? 

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    Bartosz Broda

    I've seen a few free assets on the store with ambiguous wording, similar to "this is limited version of asset X so you can test and evaluate before purchasing". If the functionality of the free version is OK for my needs can I use it commercially? 

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    Hi All!
    Topic states: You can also use free assets in your game for commercial use. Using selected (non-restricted) Unity assets is fine

    But comment answers:As a general rule, assets created by Unity specifically are for Educational purposes only

    Who is right?

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    Hi Alex,

    Assets created by Unity are governed by the Asset Store EULA. This allows users to include the asset within their commercially released game or other completed digital media. Some assets however may be under restricted or custom licensing as stated on the product page for the specific asset. In this case, we recommend that you adhere to the custom licensing or listed restrictions.

    This means that you can only use non-restricted Unity assets for commercial use. Restricted Unity assets are for Educational purposes only.

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    Hi, I have a question on motion graphics production. As far as I know Unity is used for visuals especially if used with porst processing stack and other effects. There are some short animation films etc.


    I wonder if I could use an asset I bought from the Unity asset store and render it out using Unity Recorder and then create a motion graphics stock footage or a project and sell it at stock sites. 

    Thank you!

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    Avishka randunu

    Hi ladies and gentlemen,

    First of all, i think i must ask few questions.really disappointed with this and still struggling with this.

    1)Think about the assets made by unity, like Standard assets, textmeshpro.if they are not free to use for commercial (at least standard asset's character controllers), how dare you say it's free, if people can't use them commercially?

    2)Think about the beginners like us, we are not experienced with these things yet, don't even know to create assets for us, don't have a bigger income to buy those this situation, if those assets called free are actually not free, what is happens to us? That's why most of people leaveing unity at their beginning.

    3)The next thing is, we can't separate, modify or do anything to those free models, but we can use them in commercial projects.think about it, what kinds of joke is that?

    Example:- imagine a free asset in asset's just a gun with no hands.can we use that gun without adding hands into it in a first person shooter game? Without modifications are you really think it can be useful in or games? Is this a joke or something else?

    You people explain if you can.until we are struggling and disappointing right?

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    Nathan Schuetz

    Can you still use the assets if you bought them under a personal account, but later form a corporation prior to actually selling copies of your game?

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