I cannot reactivate my 3.x license on a new machine.


  • I have a Unity Pro 3.x license
  • I am trying to activate on a new machine and receive this error: "Serial exceeds maximum number of activations"


Returning activations yourself was a new feature for 4.x, so all 4.x and 5.x license holders can return their own activations. Since this feature was not present in 3.x we have to manage the activations for you.


Please get in touch with Support here and we will return your activations for you.

To do this, we will need the license serial key.

We can either return all of the activations, or specific activations that you wish to return. If you do not want all of your activations returned, please also let us know the name of the machine(s) to return activations on.

More Information

If you would like to upgrade your 3.x license, you can do this through the Online Store, or through Sales.

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