I have accidentally purchased the wrong asset. What can I do?


  • I accidentally purchased the wrong asset
  • I would like a refund so that I can purchase the correct asset


We all make mistakes from time to time. In this case, it may be that you have been looking at two assets, but accidentally purchased the wrong one.


There are two answers for this:

  1. You have purchased an asset, but would like a different asset from the same Publisher. Please speak with the Publisher directly. They may be willing to agree to a refund of the first asset if you purchase the second asset first.
  2. You have purchased an asset, but would like an asset from a different Publisher. Again, you will need to speak with the Publisher directly. They may authorise a refund for you, but this is at their discretion and is by no means guaranteed.

More Information

If a Publisher approves a refund, they will contact us with your invoice number and the name of the asset. After we have received their authorisation it can take up to 10 days for the funds to return to your account.


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    Serj Pol

    Good evening, I accidentally bought the Digger pro, I wanted to buy Ultimate Terrains - Voxel Terrain Engine of the same developer which is 15$ more expensive. Could you help me to swap them? With additional money (15$).

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