Can I publish my service on the Asset Store?


  • I have created a service that I would like to publish to the Asset Store
  • I feel that my service solves a problem that a lot of users/ Publishers have


Whether you have created a new SDK, a complex MMO networking service, or a different service, you can contact our Team directly about opportunities.


If you are a service provider where a variable amount of money changes hands after the user downloads your SDK or plugin, you may not upload your SDK or plugin in the usual way.

Services can register by filling in this form. Service submissions that include non-proprietary content will be rejected unless non-proprietary content is a registered Asset Store Service or is under an open-source license that we support.

More Information

The Asset Store suggest when submitting your SDK or plugin, to put it in the Scripting>Integration category or Services category.


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    Sarah Alkibsy

    Can i publish my service with a non commercial license and be sure that users wont be able to use it commercially? And can I publish the same service with dual license, commercial and non-commercial? 

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