Can I download an asset without opening the Unity Editor? Is it possible to use Unity assets within another game engine?


  • I would like to use an asset from the Asset Store in my project
  • I do not wish to open Unity Editor to download
  • I would like to use the asset in a different game engine.


Some users may not yet have Unity installed in their machines and want to get into the asset quickly. Some may wish to use the particular asset within another game engine.


The short answer is that Unity is required to download Unity assets.

Luckily, Unity is pretty quick and easy to install. Please see the guidance documentation here.

Once you have got Unity up and running, you can download the asset you have purchased by following this process:

  1. Open Unity Engine.
  2. Click "Window" > "Asset Store".
  3. Log in to your Unity account
  4. Find Asset.
  5. Download Asset.

Once you have downloaded your assets, they can be found in the following locations:

Windows - User>AppData>Roaming>Unity> Asset Store

Mac - User>Library>Unity>Asset Store

From these locations, you can drag and drop them into other projects, or even other engines if you wish to.

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    Dennis Day

    When using Unity 5.4.1f1 Personal, I try to open the Tanks! tutorial and get this error repeatedly.

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    UnityEditor.DockArea.OnGUI () (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/GUI/DockArea.cs:272)


    So I tried opening the downloaded files directly and still will not open.  Please make the Tanks! tutorial compatible.

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    Hi Dennis,

    Our Content Team made an update to this asset at the beginning of November - can you try with the latest version? If you still receive an error, please contact us using the contact form to the top right of the page.

    Many thanks!

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    Malachai Russell

    When I try to open and asset from the asset store, it does not open in unity or download any files. What can i do to fix this?

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    Hi Malachai,

    To download an asset you have purchased, you will need to open the Unity Editor, find the in editor Asset Store, and log in with the Unity account that you purchased your assets with.

    You can then search for your asset, and will be able to click the download button!

    If you are still having issues, please contact '' with your Unity account email, the name of the asset you are trying to download and screen shot of any error messages.

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    Marc Silberkleit

    I am new to unity I have 5.5 and I added a tutorial to my cart .. it says open in unity I click it and unity starts but no download.. I do not have anything in unity that says asset store I have Projects and Get Started .. a sub menu of On Disk  and In the cloud and a new and open button next to my account.


    I do not understand how I download this tutorial.


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    Hi Marc,

    When you download a tutorial, you should be greeted with a screen asking you to 'Add to Downloads'. This will then show in your online download manager.

    When you click the 'Open in Unity' button this will open the Editor. At this point, you will need to go to your in Editor download manager. This is accessed by the download button on the top bar of the editor (next to the shopping cart!)

    From here, you will be able to press the download and import buttons!

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    Justin Parker

    This stumped me at first. The short is that you need to have the unity editor completely open.

    Open Unity, create a new project, and then use the "Open in Unity" link from the download section of the Asset Store.


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    Chun Kit WONG

    "From these locations, you can drag and drop them into other projects, or even other engines if you wish to."
    The downloaded file found in the Asset Store folder is in "unitypackage". format. Which is not readily usable. Is importing the assets to an Unity project and dragging them out, the only way to get access to the assets?

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    Luke Meeken

    The steps listed above are incomplete and unhelpful - and I had to Google this page to find them, rather than have instructions on the actual asset store where they should be.

    In reality, step 1 should not just be "open the editor," but "1- Open Unity" "2- create a new Unity project, or open an existing project into which to import the asset(s)".

    And at the end, after downloading the asset, it should be made clear that you then import it into the currently open project.

    Until I read Justin's comment, I did the straightforward, expected thing, of clicking the "open in Unity" button, only to see Unity pop open to its welcome screen, without opening anything.

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