What currency are subscriptions paid in?


  • I am being charged in Dollars, but I live in Europe
  • I would like to be billed for my subscription in EUR/USD/JPY/BRL/KRW/CNY
  • I do not want to pay my subscription in USD


There are different currencies that Unity use to bill subscription customers. The currency cannot be changed after the subscription has been set up.


The current currency options are USD, EUR, JPY, BRL, CNY and KRW.

When purchasing your Unity subscription, you can choose which currency you would like to be billed in to the bottom right of the payment plan screen.

Once you have purchased a Unity subscription however, you cannot change the currency in which you are billed in.

We currently only bill in these currencies to keep the billing process less complicated. Understandably, there are a huge amount of currencies not included, however these cover the largest demographic of our users.

More information

You can view the Subscription purchase page here.


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