How can I access the Unity Xbox Forums?


  • I want to develop for Xbox
  • I am a registered Xbox Developer, but I need technical assistance
  • I would like to gain access to the Unity Xbox developer Forums


Forums are a useful tool for interacting with other developers and solving common problems, not to mention networking. The Xbox forums are a dedicated area of our Unity forums and are not accessable automatically.


Unity has a dedicated forum area for our Xbox developers, which can be found here.

To gain access, please follow this process:
1. Become a registered Microsoft, Xbox One developer.
First, you’ll need to be a registered Xbox One developer. This means you’ll have a Microsoft account manager and access to the Microsoft Game Developer Network website.
If you’re not already registered or working with a registered publisher, you may be able to sign up via the Independent Developer (ID) program:

2. Request Unity development access from Microsoft
You’ll need to make a request to your Microsoft account manager to start developing in Unity. Microsoft will then forward any approved requests to Unity directly. This includes access to the Xbox forums.


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