I am unable to add my license to my account


  • I wish to add one or many licenses to an account in order to manage them better.


Standard Perpetual licenses can be managed through your Organization, though Educational licenses cannot.


All licenses purchased on the Store from 28th June 2016 onwards, will be automatically added to your Organization during the purchasing process. For older licenses, there are a couple of answers depending on what sort of license you hold:

Standard Perpetual license

You should not have any problems when adding a standard license to an account. You can add the license to an account via the process below:

  1. Go here
  2. Sign in to your Unity account
  3. Click "Add Existing License"
  4. Enter your serial number 
  5. Click "Add"

If you get the error "License is already assigned. If you think this is incorrect, please contact support" then you will need the support team to remove the license from the account it is currently attached to. 

Get in touch with us here.

Educational license

Unfortunately, Educational licenses cannot be attached to accounts. This is an added security feature exclusive for Educational licenses.

If you wish to upgrade your license, then you will need to speak to your local representative here. If you purchased from Studica, then you will need to speak with them.

If you wish to reset the activations on the license then you will need to provide the serial number in an activation reset request to Unity Support. 

More Information

When adding Company licenses to accounts, we recommend that you attach them to general accounts that a few people have access to. The reason for this is that if an employee leaves, you will still be able to access the licenses account if it is a general account.


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