How do I earn revenue from Unity Ads?

Unity Ads generates revenue by displaying paid advertisements in your game. The more traffic and impressions) your game creates, the more money you can earn.

Unity Ads facilitates different campaign types with different billing points (for example, completed views, clicks, or installs), and always selects the highest-earning campaign to display to your users.

The average eCPM for Unity Ads depends on many factors, such as platform, region, player demographics, and in-game placements. The biggest factor is the number of players engaging in your game. 

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    Anne Schmidt

    Quote: The average eCPM for Unity Ads ranges from $6 - $12. It can be as high as $20 in English speaking countries, or as low as $3 in non-English speaking countries. Revenue is based on the quality of impressions.

    What does ecpm mean?

    "Unity Ads ranges for $6 to 12" Is that per hour, per day, per week, month, year?

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    eCPM is Effective Cost per Mille, which means Effective Cost per 1000 Impressions. The $6-$12 figure is the amount for the eCPM. So for example, 1000 impressions from a single country could earn you $6. This varies country to country. Please see this article for more information

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    Anne Schmidt

    Thank you @Sophia! This needed to be clarified and you did it but, there is something that intrigues me. You write:

    "So for example, 1000 impressions from a single country could earn you $6."

    Does that mean that, in order to earn 6$, 1,000 "impressions" must be made in one country only?

    What happens if I get 2,000 impressions like this:

    • 1,001 in the USA,
    • 999 in France,

    will I get 6$ for the impressions made in the USA and 0$ for the ones made in France?

    Thank you for your answer.

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    Jakub Klementewicz

    @Anne Schmidt

    Earning $6 per 1000 impressions means that it is simple calculation


    1.001 * $6 = $6.006 = $6

    0.999 * 6$ = $5.994 = $5.99

    You earn totally $6 + $5.99 = $11.99 

    1000 isn't a limit and isn't a minimum. It means that you earn $6 per 1000 impressions.

    If you have 500 impressions you earn $3.

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    I'd like the reiterate that these figures are not set in stone- it varies country to country, for example. Revenue is generated based on a combination of views, clicks, and installs. There's no "one unified way" of pre-calculating the revenue generated by your game, as we run a wide variety of campaigns on our platform.

    We have lots of articles on the Knowledge Base about this topic, so please feel free to browse :)

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    Benediktas paskelis

    why my ecpm is only 1$? We are showing mostly 30s reward videos 

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    What if my game is just show the ads (no user interaction on the ads) but I will adjust the camera on the ads (direct/indirect) to let user view on the ads. Can I still have the revenue from unity ads by using this way?

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