• I would like to know if I can sell a game that I made in Unity, without buying a Professional license.


You may be an Indie developer using Personal Edition. You want to sell a game you have made and do not want to purchase a Professional License.


You can absolutely sell commercial games made in the Personal Edition of Unity. To do this, you must meet the requirements to use Unity Personal Edition, mainly that you did not earn/receive more than $100,000 in revenue/funding in the last fiscal year.

More Information

If you are a 'independent/solo developer' - revenue earned is based on personal revenue made from using Unity in the last fiscal year. I.e money earned from Unity Ads or games published.

If you wish to use Unity Personal Edition whilst working for a company, the $100,000 cap is in relation to the entire company's overall earned revenue or funding for the last fiscal year.

Please see our Software Terms of Service page for all information on our different tiers of Unity.