Why do I get an "SSl peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK" error when attempting to reactivate my license?


  • I want to reactivate my license.
  • I am receiving this error: "SSl peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK"


This is usually due to a connectivity issue between your machine and our license servers. It can be resolved either by adjusting some of your settings, or by performing a Manual Activation.


The reason you are not getting the right SSL certificate or SSH remote key is due to one of the following issues:

  • You have a firewall or proxy in place which is interrupting your connection to the license server. Please try allowing these ports in your settings: 80 and 443.
  • You have an anti-viral software that is blocking the connection. Please try disabling this and seeing if the Editor will work.
  • You have a weak or intermittent Internet connection - this is less likely than the points above.
  • Unity 4.x no longer allows Online Activation as of September 2018. Performing a manual activation is the best workaround for this if you wish to continue using Unity 4.x

More Information

If this does not solve the problem you may need to perform a Manual Activation.

To perform a Manual Activation:

  • Temporarily switch off your Internet
  • Run Unity and you will be prompted to initiate the Manual Activation process.
  • Follow the steps shown in this document.


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    tim bennett

    None of this worked for me, i disconnected the internet and just got stuck on it trying to load the activation screen.

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    None of this works for me too.
    Obviously, you've got some problems on your servers, fix it!

  • 1

    None of this works for me too. 

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    Artem Kuzmin

    it doesnt work for me either!

  • 1

    It's seems to me that guys from "Unity" don't bother themselves to read comments to these articles!

    Hey! Your product did not work properly, just do something about it already!!!!!

    Edited by Artem
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    Josh Maines

    Yeah, my Unity 4 Pro won't activate any longer because it wants to connect to a server that is not reachable. It was already activated previously, so it shouldn't have its license expiring. Lame.

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    Davor Kosanović

    Found on internet...
    1. Disable your network interface and open Unity
    2. Select 'Manual Activation'
    3. 'Save License' to your desktop
    4. Re-enable your network interface
    5. Go to and upload the license file
    6. The site will download another license file
    7. 'Load License' and select this new license file

    Worked 4 me :)

    Edited by Davor Kosanović
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    Artem Kuzmin

    yes, technical support responded me yesterday and it seems that it works:


    1. Disable your internet connection.
    2. Open Unity.
    3. Select manual activation.
    4. Generate the .alf license file.
    5. Enable your internet connection and upload the file to
    6. Enter your serial number.
    7. Download your .ulf file.
    8. Select the ‘Load License’ button and select the file you downloaded in the previous step.
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    Hi there,

    I do apologise for the delay in my reply.

    It would appear that a recent change with our license servers has meant that Online activations 4.x are no longer working. Regretfully as 4.x is no longer supported by us, this is something that we cannot fix.

    However, as a few users have mentioned above, manual activation is a suitable work around for this.

    Sorry once again for any inconvenience caused.

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