“Your country is blocked due to the U.S Government restrictions.” Why am I receiving this error message when trying to use Unity?


  • I would like to use the Unity Editor, but the country I live in is sanctioned by the US Government.
  • I am receiving this error message:


If you cannot access the Unity site or use the Unity Editor, this may be to do with government restrictions in place for your country.


Unity Technologies is listed and incorporated as a business in the U.S. This means that as a company, we must abide by the legal sanctions implemented by the U.S Government.

This means that some countries do not have access to the Unity sites. Currently countries on this list include Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan and North Korea.

Unfortunately, if you are a developer in any of the above countries there is not anything that can be done regarding your access to Unity. It is however, important to keep up to date with any changes that may be made by the U.S Government in relation to these sanctions.


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