Why have I not received my confirmation email?


  • I am trying to log into my Unity Account, but I see this message:


This is an issue that can sometimes occur due to one of these factors:

  • Confirmation email has been sent to spam folder instead of your Inbox
  • You have signed up with a different email address
  • The email address was not spelled correctly
  • Confirmation email has not been sent immediately from our mailing server
  • System has not completed registration and the user will need to reattempt to sign up with the same email address


If you cannot see your confirmation email, first check your spam folder in case it has been sent there instead of your Inbox folder.

You can request your confirmation email is resent by clicking on the Can't find your confirmation email? button.

Enter the email address you created your Unity Account with and click the Resend confirmation button.

Make sure you enter the email address correctly and your confirmation email should be resent to your inbox folder.

Please note, the system can get quite busy, so if you do not receive your confirmation email immediately you may need to wait a short time for it to be processed.

More Information

If you experience problems confirming your Unity Account that are not described here, you can contact Support here. Please make sure you include the email address or username you signed up with. That way we can check the account details are all correct. 


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    cannot receive email after 30m,WTF!!!!

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you did not your email. I can see that you contacted our Customer Service team, however, and they were able to resend this to you! :)

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    shibe. chr

    I'm not receiving my verification email for when i change my password, are the mail servers down or what? 

    edit: i managed to get it but now the link keeps on saying that it cant change my password from there and that I've either already changed it  or i should try logging in, i cant login without my password and i haven't already changed it

    Edited by shibe. chr
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    Hi Shibe,

    I can see that your password reset emails are being successfully sent to to the email address that manages your Unity account.

    Please make sure that you check your junk and spam inboxes, but if you are still having problems, do feel free to open a support ticket with us!

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    Hey, can you send a confirmation email to my other account I want to delete it because I mistyped the email and I want to use its username but I can't activate it. I've been waiting like 12 hours and I still haven't received it.

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    Daniel Vognstrup Perez

    How many days does it usually take for support? I had to create a new email for a education license account, but things happend and now I still have to receive the confirmation mail.


     Thanks :)

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    approximately 48 hours :) - Thanks again, great service!

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