How can I merge two Asset Store or Unity accounts?


  • I have more than one Unity account
  • I would like to merge the accounts
  • I would like to have all my assets on one account


It is possible for users to make more than one account. For example one account on a work email address and one on a personal one.

You may have several people at one company wishing to use the same assets.


Unfortunately, there is no way to merge accounts, or to transfer assets from one account to another.

The best thing to do is put the asset files into a secure shared area, where they can be dragged and dropped into projects. Please follow the steps below to do this:

1) Open Unity software and make sure you are logged in with the purchasing account

2) Find and download the asset (Hit the buy button - if you are in the purchasing account, it will then give you the option to download)

3) Once the download is complete, the assets' files can be found in these locations:

  • Windows - User>AppData>Roaming>Unity> Asset Store
  • Mac - User>Library>Unity>Asset Store

4) Drag and drop the assets' files into a shared area. This might be an area within your secure network, or a Dropbox which only your employees have access to

5) Employees or co-workers can then download the assets for use in their projects by dragging and dropping them from the shared area into their open Unity project

Please note: Updates to the assets must be done through the purchasing account.

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  • 6
    Brandon Wenneborg

    Great info for sharing with a group. Terrible news for accidental purchases on the wrong account.

  • 6
    Adrian Babilinski

    I wish I could get the asset to be transfered. It's frustrating to login to a unity account of a previous employee to update an asset. Please add support for license transfer! 

  • 4
    Sanket Kale

    Yes, same here. If an employee leaves the company and if some assets are bought with his account, it is real pain in asking for updates from the developer. The only way out is going for a fresh purchase, but again its a double investment for some lack of a feature from Unity's side. If you cannot let it shared, then at least let a developer transfer the asset license to the rightful owner.

  • 3

    Totally agree, there are many cases where I wished to be able to transfer this to one account. 

    At least for 1 time in case of accidental purchases. 

  • 3
    Mad About Pandas

    It is also unpleasant when the company is renamed and gets new accounts...

  • 2
    Lucas Tabachnick

    There really should be some way to merge accounts or at least transfer purchased assets. Really sloppy of unity to not include this.

  • 0
    Jeroen Hoekstra

    Please add support for license transfer! 

  • 3
    Unity AJ_KR

    Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks for your comment, 

    Unfortunately, there is no option to transfer license to different organization but I will share your feedback with our internal team to see if there is solution for it. 

  • 0
    Jeroen Hoekstra

    Thanks for the comment and willingness to look for a solution.

    I do not wish to transfer the licence to a different organization.
    I wish to transfer the licence to a different account owned by the same person and organization.

    Creating the option for merging accounts owned by the same person or company would also be an option.


    Edited by Jeroen Hoekstra
  • 3

    It would be extremely helpfull if this was possible. Manging my personal and work accounts is pretty bad as it is. Made worse when i've bought an asset for my self only to be logged in with my work account. (It would also go a long way for you to better manage multiple accounts in the editor).

    I also don't want to login with my work account at home. And i can't download the package from the webpage. its like you hate us.




  • 1
    Cezar Wagenheimer

    It would be extremely helpful if this was possible. +1

    Even more now that the assets is on Package Manager.

    I do have 2 companies, +1 personal account that is linked to these 2 companies. But I'm the only user of it, they all should be on my personal account.

    I have assets bought on this 3 different accounts. It's a nightmare to keep all updated.

  • 0
    Clément Girault

    This has been going on for years and shows how much disregard Unity has for its users.

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