My subscription payment has not been taken. Can you please take the payment again?


  • I have received an email notifying me that my subscription payment has failed
  • My monthly subscription payment has not been charged to my account


There are multiple reasons why your subscription payment may not have been taken. Your billing details may be incorrect, such as your address or bank account details. There could also be insufficient funds in your bank account.

We often receive the error message that states there is a 'General decline of the card'. Our system can also reject payments due to high fraud scores.


If your payment has not been taken, please check that all information entered in your billing/credit card details section is correct. If all appears correct, please contact us here. We will be able to identify the exact error message for you.

It may be that you need to contact the bank in order to rectify the payment problem. They can also let you know if there is anything their end blocking the payment.

Subscription payments are taken automatically. Once your payment problem has been rectified, you can prompt the payment to be taken again by using the update button under your billing details via your online account.

More Information

Please see the subscriptions FAQ for more information.


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