How do I request a refund on an asset?

  • I have accidentally purchased the wrong package on the Asset Store.
  • I have purchased an Asset that does not work as described on the Asset Store description page.
  • I have a duplicate purchase.
As specified in the Asset Store EULA, which all Asset Store customers have agreed to, all sales are final. This is due to the physical impossibility of returning digital products.
You may, however, wish to contact the Publisher of the Asset to request a refund.
Here some of the circumstances in which a refund for your purchase is possible.
  • The Asset was not as advertised, including any demo made available.
  • The Asset was not compatible with the most recent official release version of Unity available at the time of purchase, and this information was not provided in the Asset description.
  • The Asset includes unauthorized intellectual property and the Asset is removed from the Unity Asset Store within 4 weeks of purchase.
  • Duplicate purchases may be caused by server errors or a blip in connectivity locally. These can be refunded by us directly, although other types of refund request must go directly through the Publisher of the Asset.
If you have made a duplicate purchase, please contact support, so that we can process your refund.
For all other refund requests, as the majority of Assets available on the Asset Store are not owned by Unity, simply hosted by us, we are unable to authorize a refund without first seeking authorization from the Asset Publisher. You will need to contact the Publisher of the Asset directly. They will contact us to confirm authorization. We then process the request.
It is entirely at the Publisher's discretion to provide a refund if the reasons do not come under the set criteria stated in the Asset Store EULA.
If the Publisher does not respond to you within 2 weeks or declines the refund and you disagree with their decision, contact support
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    I'm not sure Caleb, I couldn't even get a refund from an asset I bought, spent a lot of time using in a game I was making only to find out it was pirated from another game and therefore unusable and potentially criminalising me, lucky my game was not released yet, but still a lot of wasted time, effort and money on my part

    The asset developer unsurprisingly never replied to any refund requests and Unity has a policy of not refunding if it's over a certain period, which in my case was no excuse

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    Uriel Albarran Oropeza

    I buy a game from Unity and I have almost a year with it, the developer of course it's not going to refund, neither Unity, the game have a useless documentation that doesn't explain how reskin the game or add product to use with google and neither how properly include the ads

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    Hi all,

    I thank you for the questions you have raised with us. It's incredibly helpful feedback. I am reluctant to advise each case individually due to money being involved and discussing in a public setting may not be the best idea.

    I would very much welcome anyone who had any issues relating to refunds to contact us directly at Support so we can discuss this further with you.

    You can do this via the ticket form here:

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    Jeremy Harford

    The very first asset I ever purchased on the asset store -- with a $75 pricetag! -- does not function.  It in no way performs ANYTHING advertised, even in a Unity version specifically called out as supported by its developer.

    Now I find out there IS NO refund process?  

    I think this has soured me on asset store purchases of anything other than simple artwork.  And considering that I do my own artwork, I can't see myself spending money in the asset store again.  

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    William Christopher

    Whelp... looks like I wasted 5 dollars getting an asset I could get for free because the publisher changed the color slightly. I'm new to Unity and thus didn't know about other resources... but this just killed any desire I have to further invest money into the unity site.

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    Unity AJ_KR

    Hi William.

    Sorry to hear you are not happy with your Asset Store purchase.

    Can you send us the request with more details via via the ticket form here: ?

    We will look into your issue further as soon as possible. 

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    Hello Caleb, John, and Robert. 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with the process for Asset refund.

    I'll do my best to address all of your concerns. 

    Firstly, I would like to say that we, Unity care a great deal about giving everyone a fair chance. That being said, a lot of publishers are third party independent developers who often make assets in their spare time. So we need to have a blanket protocol which covers these publishers too. We need to give them a fair amount of time to respond as they may not have the resources to provide a same day response time like some bigger publishers. They also may not be aware of the issues with their asset and it's very much helpful for you to reach out to them to notify them of any issues. They cannot fix these if they are not aware of them.

    Our asset store team are constantly working on making the review process more refined and to make sure that the assets are to a high standard. So thank you for your feedback, I will make sure to pass this along.

    Additionally, if you have any reports of an asset which is below standard, you can contact us to investigate, to see if the asset should indeed be on the store. If you would like to contact us to have a chat about it, please do.

    If you have any concerns regarding a purchase, we deal with these disputes on a case by case basis. 

    Quite often we will be able to put you in touch with publisher quickly as they will be the ones to know how you get the best out of the asset. Or we will be able to escalate the issue to see if a refund is necessary. 

    I understand that you feel this isn't the best method but we are more than happy to assist you if you reach out to us directly on the email:

    I hope this information helps. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns. n h

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    If the merchant does not agree to a refund, what will customers think of the resources they have bought and cannot use?

    Don't they feel cheated?

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    Unity AJ_KR

    Hi dhanxmhqbx,

    Thanks for the comment. 

    Let me take a look at your submitted ticket : #803042

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