Can my license work on previous versions of Unity?


  • I have a Pro license and I am trying to activate Unity in a different version.
  • I have a 4.x license and would like to activate Unity 5.
  • I am receiving this error: “Serial is not valid for the requested version of Unity.”


Unity licenses are backwards compatible. This means that for each license version, you can activate all versions prior to that release, but not newer versions.

For example if you have a Unity 4.x license, you can activate any version of Unity 4, or Unity 3. 5.x licenses can be activated in all versions of Unity 5, 4 and 3.


If you have an old license and would like to activate on a newer version, you will need to upgrade your license. You can do this through the Unity website, or through contacting your Sales rep using the information here.

To use an older version of Unity, you can download the version you are looking for here.

More Information

Subscription licenses can be used on all currently released versions of Unity. They are automatically upgraded to the latest version, so you are able to download the version you wish to use and activate with your subscription license.


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