How do I get my Asset in a Sale?


  • I want to apply for an Asset Store Sale
  • I want to get my Asset included in a Sale
  • I want more users to see what my Asset has to offer them


Asset Store Sales can increase user purchases of an Asset, and attract new users. However, it's not always clear how to get your Asset included in these Sales.


You no longer need to apply for an Asset Store Sale, or fill out the 'Sale form'. Leading up to an Asset Store Sale, the Asset Store team will reach out to Publishers whose Asset(s) fit the criteria/style of the upcoming Sale, and email you to see if you wish to take part. If so, you can state which Asset(s) you want to put on Sale, and discuss the discount/sale price with the Asset Store team.

More Information

To view all current Assets on Sale, please take a look at the Asset Store Sale page.


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