What textures do I need to use the Standard Shader?


  • There are many empty slots in my new material using the Standard Shader
  • Materials appear not to be benefiting from the visual fidelity possible with Physically Based Shader rendering (PBS) e.g. materials look flat, lacking in contrast or reflectivity properties.


It may be that the textures you have used do not have physically based colour values to match and key in with the PBS system applied by the standard shader.


Please try to generate or derive your textures from colour values that match real world values. These can be either hand painted in a paint package, pasted from photographs and worked into to remove light information, adjusting values, or rendered out from a high res model in your 3D package. You can look up these values from the following charts.

You can also try using further textures with values from the charts to apply surface parameters such as:

    • Normal Maps
    • Specular or Metallic
    • Smoothness 

More Information

This article applies to Unity versions 5.0+

More information about the Standard Shader and PBS systems can be found in this blogpost

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