Providing Android resources in Assets/Plugins/Android/res is deprecated


  • When building to Android, the console displays the following messages:
    OBSOLETE - Providing Android resources in Assets/Plugins/Android/res is deprecated, please move your resources to an AAR or an Android Library. See "AAR plug-ins and Android Libraries" section of the Manual for more details.
    CommandInvokationFailure: Unable to merge android manifests
    Warning: [Temp/StagingArea/AndroidManifest-main.xml:2, /UnityProject/Temp/StagingArea/android-libraries/unity-android-resources/AndroidManifest.xml:1] Main manifest has  but library uses targetSdkVersion='26' 


Unity does not support providing Android resources in Assets/Plugins/Android/res. When building to Android, Unity generates a manifest for resources inside plugins/android/res, and points to the highest installed SDK version by default.This is why the AndroidManifest.xml points to "targetSdkVersion=26", and why manifest merge issues occur.



Create an Android plug-in with those resource files placed inside. The plug-in should contain its own manifest file. You can create either an AAR plug-in or an Android Library Project for this purpose. 

More Information

AAR plug-ins and Android Libraries

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