Can I submit a newer Asset update before the last submission is approved?


  • I have submitted an update for one of my Assets, but wish to submit a newer draft/update.
  • I submitted an update of my package, only to find a bug, can I submit a new draft before the last submission was approved?
  • What happens if I submit a new update for an Asset I already have submitted an update for?


You may have submitted an update for one of your Assets which is currently awaiting review but have noticed an issue with the submission and want to submit a newer update/draft.  


If you have submitted an update for one of your Assets, but have noticed there is an issue with the submission, you can simply resubmit a newer update/draft for the Asset. This will overwrite the previous submission. The Asset Store team will review the latest submission submitted to the Asset Store. 




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    Provided information is wrong. Asset store tools won't allow you to submit another package if the existing package is in review.

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    Martin Arana

    It would be useful to know whether doing this will reset our position on the queue or not.

    Edit: It seems it does not reset. Cool.

    Edited by Martin Arana
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