How do I Publish a Project in Unity Connect?


  • I would like to showcase my work on Unity Connect.
  • I have some exciting content to promote on my page to show off my brand to potential candidates.
  • I used to showcase my content on the retired 'Made with Unity' site, and I need somewhere else to show this.


Unity Connect allows users to publish 'Projects' on their profiles to promote their work and showcase their talent. This provides a way to showcase your skills to potential recruiters or candidates, and can lead to increased popularity on the Unity Connect platform. Your Projects appear on your profile page, and via the Discover page on the Unity Connect site.


There are two ways to publish a Project:

  • On the Unity Connect site, click 'Post Project' at the top of the screen.
  • On your Profile/Company page, navigate to the Projects section and click 'Add'.




If it is the first time that you are publishish content on Connect, you will be required to verify your account through a Two Factor Authentication code.


Once the account is verified, Choose one of three Project types to post: Article, Game, or Showcase.

Select a project type to open the edit screen. This creates a brand new draft on your Profile/Company page, which is hidden from public view.


Editing your Project is similar to using a content management system (CMS) like Wordpress.

Each Project type has its own post settings on the right-hand side, which allow you to customize it in various ways (such as adding images, links, and other relevant information). Changes you make to your Project are saved in real-time.

When you are ready to post your Project, click the "Post" button at the top right side of the page and fill in your project details.


You can choose where to post the project to either your main Profile or your Company page.

If you own more than one Company page, select 'Company' and a drop down will come down for you to choose which Company page you want to post to.

Select the 'Made with Unity' checkbox if you want your Project to be featured under the 'Made with Unity' section of Unity Connect's 'Discover' page.

More Information

Once your Project is Published and visible to the public, you can always make it private again to hide it from public view. You can also edit or delete your Project at any time. To access these options, go to your Profile/Company page and click the menu button (three dots) on the Project you want to change.

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  • 1
    Todd Gillissie

    I went through these steps, and chose to publish to my "Company". So even though I have a published project, connect is telling me that the next thing I need to do is add a project.

    Can't I get to the next step now that I've added a project, even though it's published to my company instead of my profile? It should be smart enough to see my company's projects as mine.

  • 1

    Hi Todd. Sorry to hear you had some problems publishing your project!

    I can see that you spoke with one of the connect team via a support ticket around the time your comment was submitted, so hope your issue has now been resolved!

  • 0
    Karan Buttar

    it said my showcase needs to be reviewed by a supervisor even though im posting on my profile not company

  • 0
    Sok Pitu


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