How do I join Discussion Channels?


  • I would like to talk to other Unity Connect users about various topics.


Unity Connect allows users to join a variety of moderated chat rooms within the Messenger service to discuss all things Unity Connect-related.


To join a Unity Connect discussion channel, click the speech bubbles on the top-right hand side of the homepage (as shown below) and select 'See all messages'. Alternatively, go directly to


This page contains the main Messenger window for Unity Connect. 'Discussion Channels' are in the left-hand column. When you click this, a list of channels you can join appears, with a description of what the channel is for. To join a channel, click the 'Join Channel' button.

A list of the channels you are a part of appears in the left-hand column of the Messenger pages. Any unread chat messages display a red dot on the Messenger button. If you do not want notifications for new messages, you can mute specific channels; to do this, highlight the Channel in the Messenger window, click the Settings cog, and select 'Mute'.


The Settings cog also gives you the 'Pin to top' option, which prioritizes the selected channel to the top of the list. This is useful if you are a member of a lot of channels, and want to pay close attention to a particular channel.

Select 'Channel Information' on the top right of a Discussion Channel window to see a description of the channel, and a list of other Unity Connect users who are also a part of that Channel.

All of the Discussion Channels are moderated, so please abide by the rules set out in these channels. Access may be restricted if you are seen to be abusive to other users.


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