As an Owner of an Organization, how do I assign roles to members?


  • I am the Owner of an Organization and I want to assign roles to members
  • I want to change the role of a current or new member within my Organization to 'Owner', 'Manager', or 'User'


Different roles within an Organization have different access and administrative rights. 


As the Owner of an Organization, you can change the role of members of your Org to have different roles such as 'Owner', 'Manager' and 'User'. Manage this through the 'My Accounts' page on the Account dashboard. Please see the steps on how to do this:

  1. Log in to the Unity account associated with the Organization
  2. Click 'Organizations' on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. The Organizations page contains a list of the Organization names associated to your account. Click 'Manage' (the cog icon) alongside the name of the Org. 
  4. In the subheading 'Members & Groups', click 'See all'.
  5. This page contains all members associated with the Organization. Navigate to the name of the member you wish to change the role of, and click 'Edit' (the pencil icon).
  6. Choose the member's role from the drop-down box titled "Organization Role", as shown in the image below. Once you've selected the new role, click 'Save'.



More Information

For further information on 'Owners, Managers, and Users', see the Unity Knowledgebase article What Can Owners, Managers, And Users Do In An Organization?


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