How do I develop to Xbox platforms?


  • I want to develop/deploy to Xbox platforms
  • I can't seem to develop to Xbox One


If you are not listed as a registered XBox developer, you cannot download the XBox module of the Unity Editor.


If you want to deploy to Xbox platforms, follow this user onboarding process:

1. Become a registered Microsoft Xbox One developer

You need to be a registered Xbox One developer to deploy to Xbox platforms. Once registered, you will have a Microsoft account manager and gain access to the Microsoft Game Developer Network website.

If you are not already registered or working with a registered Publisher, you might be able to sign up via the Independent Developer (ID) program:

2. Request Unity development access from Microsoft

Microsoft provides free Unity development for Xbox One. To get started, make a request to your Microsoft account manager to start developing in Unity. Once your Microsoft account manager approves your request, they will notify Unity.

Once you have been approved, you will receive a welcome email titled 'Welcome to the Unity Xbox One Forum'. The Unity Forums contain all files and discussion on developing to Xbox One on Unity. If the link in the 'Welcome email' does not work for you, please go to this link and register a Unity forum account. Then reply to the 'Welcome email' and you'll be added to the forum.

Note: Please speak to your account manager at Microsoft to ensure you are using the correct Unity license while developing for Xbox One.

3. Download Unity for Xbox One

Download Unity for Xbox One from the Unity Forums: Unity for Xbox One Downloads

To get started with development, we also recommend the forum post titled Start Here! The Unity for Xbox One FAQ.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding Xbox forum access, or you require members in your studio/team to be added to the Xbox forums, contact your Microsoft account manager to request access.


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  • 2

    how do you contact your Microsoft account manager

  • 0
    Matthew Parsons

    Yeah, this whole process has been very frustrating. I just want to test an export and get it running on my personal XBOX, not submit it for publishing or anything. (Yet)

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    i have do all this and become never access to the unity xobx utils *G 

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    Eliza Milburn

    I have an Xbox Creator Program account, but I'm not aware of any Microsoft account manager. Is there any guidance for individual developers like myself

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