How do I stop my Unity Swords and Shovels course from auto-renewing?


  • I wish to cancel the auto-renewal feature on my current course. 
  • I want to stop my course from renewing


Your subscription to Swords and Shovels will automatically renew each month unless you switch it off. 


Unity subscriptions for Swords and Shovels have automatic renewal switched 'ON' in the accounts settings page by default. 

Automatic renewal can be switched 'OFF' at any time through your account settings page by following these steps:

1. Sign into your Unity account page at

2. Click on 'Organizations,' then click on the Organization name containing your Swords and Shovels subscription.

3. Under 'Subscriptions and services' click 'Manage' (the cog icon) next to the subscription you want to see more details for, then click 'Manage Subscription' on the following page. 

4. Under Manage Subscription, you can switch 'Automatic Renewal' to 'OFF' then click 'Save.' 



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