I cannot redeem my voucher


  • I received a voucher/ discount coupon from Unity.
  • I follow the link in my email to redeem the voucher, but then get an error, for example "code invalid"
  • My voucher does not work.


If the billing information in your Unity Organization is not fully filled out, the voucher cannot be added to your account as our system relies on users having a full address on their default Organization.


Ensure your billing information is filled out and up to date and attempt to redeem the voucher again. You can do this by going to your Profile Page on the Asset Store and select 'Edit Billing Address' under the 'Billing Address' section. This will take you to your Organizations details. Once saved, please try redeeming the voucher again.

If you still have difficulty, please send us the details and the voucher code so that we can investigate further.


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