How can I tell which machines are activated on my license?


  • I would like to know which machines are activated on my license.
  • I am receiving the error message "Serial exceeds the maximum number of activations" but I don't know where the license is activated. 


It can difficult to keep track on where your licenses are activated, especially if you have a large team.


Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to view which machines are activated on your licenses via your online account. We recommend that when you initially start using Unity create a document to keep track of which machines the licenses are attached to.

If you need a specific computer returned you can get in contact with us and we can do this for you. You can do this by getting in touch via Support here

More Information

If you have a very large amount of activations we may not be able to send you a list of them all. However, if you need them reset, please follow the instructions in the following article here.

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