How is my subscription contract calculated?


  • I am a Plus/Pro subscriber and would like to purchase further license seats. Will this change my billing cycle?
  • I have a Unity subscription and am in my 12 month commitment period. Will purchasing more license seats extend my inital commitment period?


With our new subscriptions, we have seen some changes and improvements to the billing process.

Our new Organization based subscriptions allow for license seats to be purchased in conjunction with existing subscriptions. Unlike our old systems, this further purchase does not extend the inital 12 month commmitment period.

This does mean that there are some changes to the billing cycle, however!


The billing date of your new license seats is adjusted to match the billing date of your first license seat purchase on the same organization.

For example, if you purchase 10 Pro license seats with a 12 month commitment on your Organization, and decide 3 months later to add another 5 to the same Organization, the 5 new license seats will expire (unless renewed) with the inital 10 seats after the remaining 9 months of the commitment period.

When the additional license seats are purchased, payments are synced into the remaining months of the commitment period and you will be charged accordingly for this.


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