Is a Unity Pro subscription more expensive than the old perpetual plan?


  • I am a perpetual license holder who previously paid $1500 for my Pro license. Are the new subscription plans more expensive?
  • I have a perpetual license for a previous license cycle. To recieve new updates and versions, I will need to subscribe to Unity. Is this a more expensive option?


In June 2016, Unity annouced the move away from perpetual licensing to a new subscription based system with the end of the 5.x license cycle. Although existing perpetual licenses are still avaliable to use for as long as you so wish, to receive access to the new version of Unity.2017, updates and features a subscription is neccessary.


Unity Pro perpetual licences were $1,500. This was for a Pro license only, without iOS and Android add-ons. The option to acquire mobile add-ons for $1500 each was possible, totalling at $4,500 for a Pro license with iOS and Android capabilities.

If you consider a 24 months cycle, the price for using a new Unity Pro subscription is $3000.

It is true, that if mobile deployment options are not a priority for you, that the cost of using Unity has indeed increased. However, with all platforms included in one license, this opens up many opportunities.

Furthermore, we introduced a third tier of licensing, Unity Plus. This is suitable for smaller companies or individuals with an annual revenue or funds capacity of below $200,000 per fiscal year.

More Information

To find out more about the licensing tiers for our new subscription, please take a look at the Unity store here.

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