How do I change the Owner of my Organization?


  • I wish to leave one of the Organizations I am in and want to give ownership to another user
  • I wish to become the Organization owner 


Owners within an Organization receive invoices and have more management rights than other roles.


There are two ways you can do this:

If the current Owner still has access to the account

  1. Sign into your account. 
  2. Click "Organizations" 
  3. Select the Organization you would like to make the change to. 
  4. Click "Members & Groups"
  5. Click "See All"
  6. Look for the e-mail address belonging to the account you would like to make the owner and click the pencil icon next to the address to edit.
  7. Select the drop down menu and choose "Owner" to give them all permissions.
  8. The new Owner will have full access and be able to remove the previous Owner from the Organization, or set them to 'User' if they want them to have access, but not as many management rights.

If the person you desire to be the Owner is not in the Organization, please see this article.

If the Owner of the Organization has left

Please get in contact with us with all the details of the accounts involved.





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    Bart Heijltjes

    I'm unable to remove the previous 'owner' (actually just the person who set up the account).
    Error reads "Member is an admin responsible for subscription payments and therefore cannot be removed from this organization." This is not true (payments are charged to my personal credit card).

    The dropdown for changing role is also greyed out and the "Organization Details" only displays one owner (the one I'm trying to remove) though there are three accounts with owner permission.

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    Hi Bart, 

    It was good talking to you on Friday via our chat support. Thank you for your feedback. 

    I would just like to respond here anyway for the benefit of anyone else who runs into the same issue. 

    Even though you are the user who is being billed for the license. The "accounts billable user" Was set in our system to another user on your organization. That is the reason why you couldn't remove him from your organization.

    To have this changed. The account that you would like to be the owner needs to have a valid payment method attached. Once this is done, you can contact us at

    We will have this changed for you. At which point you can remove the other user.

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