I am receiving the error: 'Invalid user account primary Organization'. How do I rectify this?



  • I see an ''Invalid user account primary Organization'' error when trying to activate Unity on a new computer.
  • I am attempting to activate Unity and have received an error.


The Unity Editor cannot see your license servers due to something in your set up blocking this.


The error ''invalid user account primary Organization'' is usually related to your proxy settings. Therefore, make sure that proxies, firewalls, and internet security systems are not blocking Unity.

If you are having issues with proxies and firewalls in place, you can try allowing ports 443 and 80. You can also disable any anti-virus software you have running temporarily. If this does not help, you may want to try manually activating your license, following guidance here.

The above link provides instructions on how to activate your license offline, once you have downloaded Unity from You will need to disconnect from the Internet to perform manual activation!

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