How can I make a Schools page?


  • I would like to know how to create a Schools page for my Educational institution.


You wish to allow students to join Unity Connect as a member of your Educational institution, and allow those posting jobs to recruit from your Schools page directly.


There are two ways for users to create a Unity Connect Schools page!

1. Click the 'Discover' button on the site header, after which, you must click the 'Schools' button. You will then see a large green button to the right hand side of the screen. This will state 'Create a School', and you can click on this!


2. Hover your mouse over your initial on the top right corner of the site. Here, a drop down will appear, and the second option allows you to 'Create a School'.


Once you have clicked on the 'Create a School' button, you will need to enter the specified details. These are the Schools Name, Location, and Website, as well as, a Description of the School, an Identifying Photo and a Thumbnail Image. When this is complete, you can then press the 'Create' button.

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