How do increase the quality of applicants on Connect?


  • I want to post a job or task on Unity Connect, but need the standard of applicants to be experienced. 
  • I have a job or task posted on Connect and want to narrow down the applicants to the more experienced users. 


Unity users range from all areas of experience. Since Unity has made game development more accessible and easier to practice, you may find that you need someone with that bit of extra experience, and want to narrow down your search. 


In your job post, you are able to ask extra questions that applicants are required to answer. (i.e. Do you require a H1 visa? Can you please attach a cover letter stating 'Why ___' etc) This will give you a better idea of the applicant, to see if they are suitable for the position. The more information you request, the more you will be able to make an informed decision!

The candidate can then attach any supplemental files, on top of what is already on their profile, and are able to hand pick projects from their showcase, that match what the job or task is looking for.

Aside from asking the applicants further questions, there is a field of input where you can decide how experienced in Unity they need to be. This drop-down menu appears on the page where you input the details of the job.Screen_Shot_2017-04-19_at_12.35.28.png


If you would like to edit an already existing Job post. Just go to your own profile by hovering the mouse over your initials in the top right corner of the screen. Click "My profile" Then go to the tab which the post is listed under. Open up the post. At which point you can edit the post by hovering the mouse over this symbol:


You will then be presented with the option to edit the post. 

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