How do I find my Unity Ads API key?

The API uses a key from the Developer Dashboard. To find it:

  1. From the Operate tab of the Developer Dashboard, ensure that you are viewing you Organization dashboard (in other words, no specific Project is selected).
  2. Select Ad Data Export on the left navigation bar to expand its options, then select API Access.


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    Sergio Sena

    I couldn't find it.

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    Erik Andersen

    It has moved. You find it under Operate -> Ad Data Export -> API Access.

    Make sure you have not selected a project, then you cannot see this.

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    Oliver Maglana

    What the freak is wrong with this web developers? You guys can't even update your freaking website/documentation. You WASTED me a lot of time finding the GAME ID, API KEY, and other important things. ITS JUST A SIMPLE UPDATE? Why can't you do it ?!

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