How do I see differences between commits?


  • I'm using Unity Collaborate and I'd like to see what has changed before I commit.
  • I would like to calculate and display the differences between two files that myself or my teammates have committed.


You would like to see the differences between committed files before submitting your changes.


In the Collaborate toolbar, you can get a high overview of all the changes that have been made. If you hover over a single change, an eye icon will appear.

Clicking this opens your diff tool with changes highlighted.

More Information

Ensure you have a diff tool installed and linked up to Unity. If you do not already have one, DiffMerge is free and cross-platform.

To use a diff tool with Unity, go to the Preferences menu, click External Tools, and change the diff tool via the drop-down menu next to Revision Control Diff/Merge.

Note: The eye icon will only appear after pulling another team members' changes if anything is different to your local copy. Unity Collaborate does not currently support diffing two files that have already been committed.

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