What happens to my perpetual license if I migrate?


  • I am the owner of a Unity Pro perpetual license and am considering migrating it into the new subscription system.
  • I have received an offer from Unity to migrate my perpetual license into the new system and am concerned about what that will mean for my license.


Perpetual licenses will go into a "sleep mode" during your trial of the new Unity Pro subscription, and you may be concerned that this will mean losing access altogether.


If you migrate your perpetual license to a new subscription plan, the perpetual license serial number will deactivate during your trial of the new Unity Pro. During this time, you will need to use your new Pro serial number, generated through the new Organization system. If you try to activate Unity with your old perpetual serial number during this time you will receive an error message.

Once the trial period is over (on the 1st of April 2017), your perpetual serial number will be reactivated, regardless of whether you continue to subscribe to the new system or not.

This means you can continue to use your perpetual license key and also subscribe to the new Unity Pro subscription if you would like to.

More Information

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