Where I can get the symbols file for the library in an Android (IL2CPP) build to symbolicate call stacks from crashes on my production builds?


I want to symbolicate a call stack from a crash that happened on my Android (IL2CPP) production build in, but I have been unable to find the symbols for that library.


The symbols files are created for each build in the ProjectFolder/Temp/ directory and removed when the Editor application is exited, which is why you may not have seen them.


You can get the symbols from the following locations after each build:

  • ProjectFolder\Temp\StagingArea\libs\x86\
  • ProjectFolder\Temp\StagingArea\libs\armeabi-v7a\

Make sure to not close the Unity Editor before copying the symbols files to a different folder.

You can also use a post-process build script like the one below:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEditor.Callbacks;
using UnityEditor;
using System.IO;
using System;

public class MyBuildPostprocessor  
{ [PostProcessBuildAttribute()] public static void OnPostprocessBuild(BuildTarget target, string pathToBuiltProject) { if (target == BuildTarget.Android) PostProcessAndroidBuild(pathToBuiltProject); } public static void PostProcessAndroidBuild(string pathToBuiltProject) { UnityEditor.ScriptingImplementation backend = UnityEditor.PlayerSettings.GetScriptingBackend(UnityEditor.BuildTargetGroup.Android) as UnityEditor.ScriptingImplementation; if (backend == UnityEditor.ScriptingImplementation.IL2CPP) { CopyAndroidIL2CPPSymbols(pathToBuiltProject, PlayerSettings.Android.targetDevice); } } public static void CopyAndroidIL2CPPSymbols(string pathToBuiltProject, AndroidTargetDevice targetDevice) { string buildName = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(pathToBuiltProject); FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo(pathToBuiltProject); string symbolsDir = fileInfo.Directory.Name; symbolsDir = symbolsDir + "/"+buildName+"_IL2CPPSymbols"; CreateDir(symbolsDir); switch (PlayerSettings.Android.targetDevice) { case AndroidTargetDevice.FAT: { CopyARMSymbols(symbolsDir); CopyX86Symbols(symbolsDir); break; } case AndroidTargetDevice.ARMv7: { CopyARMSymbols(symbolsDir); break; } case AndroidTargetDevice.x86: { CopyX86Symbols(symbolsDir); break; } default: break; } } const string libpath = "/../Temp/StagingArea/libs/"; Const string libFilename = ""; private static void CopyARMSymbols(string symbolsDir) { string sourcefileARM = Application.dataPath + libpath + "armeabi-v7a/" + libFilename; CreateDir(symbolsDir + "/armeabi-v7a/"); File.Copy(sourcefileARM, symbolsDir + "/armeabi-v7a/"); } private static void CopyX86Symbols(string symbolsDir) { string sourcefileX86 = Application.dataPath + libpath + "x86/"; File.Copy(sourcefileX86, symbolsDir + "/x86/"); } public static void CreateDir(string path) { if (Directory.Exists(path)) return; Directory.CreateDirectory(path); } } 

More Information

For more information, consult the following documentation:

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