How do I change my project's name?


  • My Project's name is incorrect, misspelled, or just needs changing for other reasons.




1. Sign in to your Unity ID

2. Click the Projects tab on the left.

3. Find the project you want to rename and click View.

4. Click on Settings > General.


5. Rename the project and then click the Rename button.

To change a Project name stored only on your machine (no Unity Services enabled):

  1. Open the Unity Hub
  2. Click ‘Projects’ 
  3. Click the three dots to the right of your Project name
  4. Click ‘Show in Explorer’
  5. Rename Project folder
  6. Restart the Hub
  7. Click ‘Projects’ > ‘Add’
  8. Click newly changed Project folder
  9. Click ‘Select Folder’

The newly changed Project name will then appear in your list of Projects within the Hub. 

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  • 1
    Lucas Morgan

    This does not seem to change the project name in the url.

  • 1
    Ollie Blanks

    Unfortunately, the URL does not change when changing the name of the Project.

    The URL is set from a project identifier other than the Project name and it cannot be changed at this time.

  • 0
    Vince Jones

    None of the projects I want to rename are listed here.


    This doesn't work for me

  • -3
    ritsa daisy

    this blog is too much inspir ing and i really like it so much

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